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At Louisbourg Investments, we manage assets entrusted to us by pensions, nonprofits, insurers, family offices and other specialized mandates. Our firm’s long-term stability, disciplined investment process and our ability to properly address each client’s unique financial needs is what makes us stand out.

Everyone has their own story and we believe the best way to meet the unique needs for all of our clients is to build a distinctive portfolio and service model that are custom to them. Louisbourg prides itself on providing its institutional partners access to both its service staff and the investment team. 

Our valued clients can expect transparency, continuous access to highly credentialed professionals, and high quality solutions.

Investment Strategies

We manage a variety of investment strategies to meet clients' specific needs. Our scale in assets under management and our flexible platform give us the ability to construct custom portfolios using a wide range of individual securities or using our own Louisbourg pooled fund strategies listed below.​

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